Reflection…or something like it.

Cold. Snow. March is on the lag lately, and cold weather is keeping us all down. Insanity comes and goes for everyone, you can try and stand by your stance on not being crazy but we are all crazy. Some of us hid this wonderfully, and others not so much. I’m a fifty fifty type dude. Last season I was wet wading local inland lakes watching the thug largemouths pursue a streamer to my feet. This year at the same time they are calling for snow. I’ve had a rough winter, and have had to question my sanity many times while sitting at my desk covered in bucktail and drooling tobacco. Winter in Michigan is long,  and down here in the southeast we don’t have much for fish able water in the cold. There is something these guys do occasionally…..they sit on buckets and drill holes into the frozen lake. Ice fishing…sigh. I used to ice fish, then I started tying flies and searching for steelhead. Now I don’t ice fish, or search for steelhead much. I tie and drink, tie and drink, tie and sleep. Repeat for 4 months. Watch the powder fall, scrape the car windows, slide sideways on the road, and dream of wet wading. Tying is the only thing I can do to keep a wild mind at bay. Tying allows me to be on my favorite tailout, slowly working a clouser along the rock and wood while the bronze beauty hangs below.. It allows me to be on the bow with 60 foot of 350 circled around my sun burnt toes, ready to haul a fly that resembles roadkill, hoping the massive 4 foot beast coasts behind it. I can picture this fly wedged in the gumball mouth of a golden scaled giant as I hoist it into the sunlight and scream at the top of my lungs. It allows me to dream, to remember every life changing take and jump I managed in the past. The creations roll off the vise, each one brings me right back to sanity. It’s somewhat scary how easy it is to waste hours locked in on the desk, spinning, threading, and dreaming. The flies seem to come out slightly better now than the did when I started, but the reasons for sitting here at this desk are still the same. It’s the dream, the hope, and the racing heart beat when I finally tail my scaled opponent.  Sane or not, I am all for this. 

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