City living is something I have accepted for 23 years now. Most of you have been or like me live in or close to slumville. Too many people crammed into a small area, loud vehicles, trash on the roads, convenience stores posted on each corner. For those of you wake up to remote country, free of suburbia slums please disregard this post.

It’s starting to warm up locally, the water is thawing out, and I’m ready to get some tail. In my slum we are blessed with some stealer water, and I’m taking full advantage this week. Northern Pike are on the move and so am I. I can honestly say the coolest aspect of city limit fishing is the exploration. Some scum lined canal that kicks out thug largemouth. A creek tail out under a bridge, lined with old pipe and shopping carts that reveals massive carp. The passing traffic looks at you like your a nut, and you smile. Bomb another loop into the sweet water that nobody evens considers. Slum nation.



2 thoughts on “Slums.

  1. Dave says:

    Awesome. That’s why/ where we do it. Gotta love city fishing though.

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