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City living is something I have accepted for 23 years now. Most of you have been or like me live in or close to slumville. Too many people crammed into a small area, loud vehicles, trash on the roads, convenience stores posted on each corner. For those of you wake up to remote country, free of suburbia slums please disregard this post.

It’s starting to warm up locally, the water is thawing out, and I’m ready to get some tail. In my slum we are blessed with some stealer water, and I’m taking full advantage this week. Northern Pike are on the move and so am I. I can honestly say the coolest aspect of city limit fishing is the exploration. Some scum lined canal that kicks out thug largemouth. A creek tail out under a bridge, lined with old pipe and shopping carts that reveals massive carp. The passing traffic looks at you like your a nut, and you smile. Bomb another loop into the sweet water that nobody evens considers. Slum nation.



Musky roadtrip.

Back in the suburbs after a stellar adventure to northern WI. Quick photo below with a solid report coming soon.


Round two.

Thankfully the strong winds slowed down, the water cleared enough, and we dragon came out to play. The northern half of CLA made it happen recently on the inland waters. This style of fishing is absolutely amazing. Beat your body for hours in between fish, beat your willpower on passive follows, and beat your mind on the possibilities of what you are doing wrong.




Hard knocks.

It’s been too long. The blog has been neglected for awhile, busy workweeks and getting it in on the water have kept us at bay. I have been putting in some serious hours locally pursuing the ghost, the unicorn….whatever you want to call them. Musky works too. Taking a musky on fly has been my focus for the last season, but i really began the serious chase this past month. I can honestly say I’ve spent 40-50 water hours on the hunt, with minimal payoff. I’m up to about a dozen follows, 3 eats, and one landed. My first to hand came yesterday, and the work paid off. I had the privilege of spending time fishing with a local dude who knows this game very well, and his knowledge level has helped me greatly. Thanks for that E. I plan on devoting most of my fall to these fish and hopefully landing a few more. Fingers crossed! Here are some photos of flies and my first fish. Feels good to back!





Battleground Lake Huron

Spent my birthday weekend on the coasts of the mittens thumb. Drank myself foolish, but still found time to explore the water. Finding some big girls and putting zonker strips between their jaws is a good feeling.




Saturday morning.

Two adventures today, sunrise and set. Sleeping 4 hours at a time pays off, kills half my stash of coffee, and makes me thankful to get normal sleep most of the time. The weather is on the climb here in the mitten, finally looking steady. Summer is on the break, and the water time is off the hook. I started today off with my personal best northern on my home body of water, St Clair. Finished this evening off with torn thumbs and 30 plus smallmouths. Our largest fish taped out to 22 inches, estimated around 5 pounds. Saturday success. Enjoy some photos!





Local game.

Working local water is a good way to bypass the high mileage and gas funds. Trout are amazing, in beauty and intelligence. The places the pursuit of trout leads you too are life changing. Unfortunately, many of our daily limitations prevent us from following these fish on the regular. Jobs, families, bills can all put us down. The solution is simple. Local talent…..bass, carp, northern pike, etc. Go wade into the local pond, tie on a circus peanut, and do it.




Living in the suburbs makes my longing for single tracks, star infested skies, and clear streams even greater. A desire to get away from shopping outlets, swarms of human beings, and dirty sidewalks becomes strong. Michigan is not blessed with massive mountain ranges, but we have our sweet spots. After locating something that seemed promising, I scooped up TM and carried on northbound. The game was Hendrickson eating trout in small tributaries, adding in a three day pack through some insanely beautiful terrain. I hope by now most of you have figured out that when you plan a trip, nothing will actually follow the plan as you expected. This was apparent as soon as we arrived. My mindset as of lately is to take it as it comes, letting everything take its course and finding the pleasure in things that don’t work out like you anticipated. The term BLOWN is commonly used by river folk, and most of the time it means bad news. Heavy rain had turned all our waters into something that resembled coffee with heavy cream. Boo. Even our feeder tributaries looked off, and the trout within made little effort to show themselves. Leaving my reel in the car eight miles away didn’t help my spirits much. We made due, and found the joy in other great experiences along the way.




Spending three days along the river, away from the concrete jungle was enough to satisfy. Basecamps along the rivers edge, followed by bonfires under memorizing skies allowed for the perfect escape. Fish are a bonus, no matter how hard you pursue them. I am slowly starting to understand why I love this life. Sometimes you go looking for one thing and find something completely different, and end up happier then you had ever imagined. As far as I am concerned the term BLOWN leads to wonderful outcomes.





Dry flies, wind knots, and a new season.

2012 seasons are now open on most of our mitten waters. TM is spending his time in northern rivers following trout. I have spent most of my time in da suburbs pursuing warm water thugs. We have been doing what we claim….casting our lives away. Here are some photos for you scale chasing folks out there. Keep those lines wet!





The brown was taken a on small Hendrickson dry, and on the water it came from considered to be a thug indeed. Connected to my first drum on the fly this evening. In loops we trust.